​​Main Photograph Courtesy of Dylan Drummond / www.facebook.com/sonofthesea


   Soon after beginning the process of building  and learning to play , it was clear to me that the power of this Instruments Sound , Vibration and Frequency can benefit a vast array of people ; young & old , regardless of colour, creed or social standing , in numerous ways ! 


  To this end , I  created                                                . A chance for little people ( and adults too !) that normally wouldn't come into contact with these instruments to have some time with them and learn about their qualities and experience them first hand.

  So far I have Visited Schools, (Incl  Additional Support Needs) Nurseries , Recovery Retreats / Cafes and Elderly Peoples Accommodation , sharing the Beautiful and Vibrational Energies and Sounds .  I Plan to incorporate it into my work as much as I can during the next few years. 

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       Below are a few captured moments of some of the fun we've had.