My Story


samĂ dhi :  


the practice of centering the mind in a single sensation or preoccupation

My name is David and I am a Musician/Artist  from Glasgow, Scotland. Whilst delving into the world of Handpan I very quickly discovered that not only did I want to play them.... I needed to make them too.

   Having spent the last couple of years researching, in order to find out everything I could about Handpans, I am now well on the way to creating them myself. My first 20 or 30 prototypes will not be nitrided, as the funds needed to do this process can be put to better use whilst I am improving and learning. I am not doing this to amass great wealth + fame, to be quite honest I do not care for either. However, if it is possible to sustain an "ethical living" out of creating them ... then I will be very happy and content to do so.