my intent

I believe intention is the basis of manifesting anything good. My intent is to produce a truly beautiful sonic soundscape that will bring happiness and inspiration to all who touch it. It's quite a job i've given myself, but life's short and sometimes you gotta just jump in, listen to your heart. 
 My plan is to spend a few more months hammering away to tune my skills. As of January 2016 I have moved into another (what is now my Sixth) workshop.This gives me a solid foundation for creating over the next year and will be where I spend any time away from my beautiful family. I greatly admire the original makers/creators of the instrument (who I know do not always like to be mentioned on other makers sites), but especially Halo's, Kyle Cox and Jim Dusin , Pantam creator Victor Levinson, Saraz's Marc Garnier and many of the new builders (more accomplished than myself) that have kindly documented their trials and experiences (good and bad) on the forum where most handpan lovers coalesce, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them for their contribution and integrity.



My first few prototypes have been mainly tools for me to learn on and from. If there's any tone left in them after my assaults!... then they'll probably be passed on in some manner. Of course workshop, electricity, tools etc, all require the necessary energy of money, but I do not know at what stage, if any, I'll be able to produce something fully worthy of selling. As you may notice, there is a interest 'list' page. Having seen the plethora of builders come up in the last year or so, I know inevitably the question comes up 'Can I get on the waiting list?' well ... I have decided not to a have a waiting list as such. As I've intimated before, I do not know when there'll be a finished  handpan to sell, however feel free to add your name to the list if you would like to be kept informed on my progress. It may also be useful for me to prove interest, just incase I need some sort of funding in the future.



samàdhi :  


the practice of centering the mind in a single sensation or preoccupation